Children's Storytelling

With younger children, Sophie combines short, interactive and highly engaging tales with a few favourite songs and the odd well-placed prop - from her popular magical singing bowl to a simple apple. But it's all about the story, the words, and her voice and face. This is a time when little ones watch and listen with absorbed fascination, homing in on the new experiences of communication.

As children get older, the stories develop in length and sophistication, using humour and a teasing twist and turn of the plot to draw the listeners in. With three boys of her own, Sophie particularly delights in finding stories to engage both boys and girls. Fun, scary, intriguing and atmospheric - she aims to absorb and inspire even the most reluctant listener.

Stories are often selected to follow a client's particular theme or to suit the setting and whoever turns up on the day. But here are some specific shows you might like to consider.

Length is adapted to age and requirements.

The Star Princess     For all ages and their families.

In a magical, sun-warmed orchard, a star-crossed romance blossoms. But the young gardener's boy will have to be both bold and clever if he is to win the hand of his royal sweetheart despite all the competition. Based on an old Russian folktale with a charming reveal at the end, this is a mischievous and enchanting combination of old-fashioned storytelling and song and probably Sophie's favourite of all her stories.

Monsters, Magic and Mayhem     For children age 7 +.

There is mischief afoot with this delightful pick and mix of wonder tales from around the world. Magical singing bowls collide with glorious gifts and woodland waifs lose themselves only to return triumphant. A joyous journey of discovery through Sophie's extensive repertoire of tales of the fantastic.

The Green Bottle Pirate and other Tales     For children age 2 - 6.

An engaging set of short, interactive tales, rhymes and song, specifically for younger listeners. Featuring familiar and fun fairy tales reworked to deliver a satisfyingly fast and furious tumble through the world of traditional tales. Join in with the songs and maybe discover a few new nursery rhymes from times gone by.

Hairy Scary Stories     For children age 7 + and their families.

You never know what you might do if you're hungry enough... Join Sophie as she cooks up a tale or two with her signature dish, The Hairy Toe. There are ghostly apparitions and things that go bump in the night, in a deliciously wicked set of strange and mischievous tales. Expect mild peril (not too mild!) and maybe the odd monster or two lurking with intent...

"Sophie has a wicked sense of humour! When it came to the Hairy Toe story, we were killing ourselves with laughter!

Dragon Tales     For children age 7 + and their families.

When her middle boy became obsessed by dragons, Sophie collated some of the best stories she could find from the rich plethora of dragon myths around the world. Dragons have always been misunderstood, whether it be in the story of St George or the shape-shifting dragons of the Far East. "Colourful, long-lived, and reputedly wise... a dragon exists in many a guise."

Halloween Hoot     For families.

Halloween, Samhain, whatever your beliefs, this is a time when the veil between the two worlds of the living and the dead is said to be its thinnest. Then the fairies and witches (good or bad), the ghoulish and the tricksters are afoot and stories are bound to be told. All the fun of Halloween with just a dash of thrill, but not to be taken too seriously.

Deep within the Greenwood     For children age 7 + and their families.

With the lush green of spring come trees heavy with blossom, balmy breezes soft with the scent of sweetbriar and the trill of birds hidden in the branches. But deep in the forest, where the river flows dark and silent, lies something else: magic and mischief, sleepless shadows, shapeshifters, fairies and river sprites... and creatures even the woodsman knows nothing about... This is the home of the classic fairy tale. So lose yourself in the wonder tales of northern Europe, deep in the dappled glades of its dense forest, where anything could happen.

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"How you kept them so quiet and enrapt was amazing - they were completely caught
 up in the stories."

"Delightful storytelling. Great fun and hugely enjoyable, we didn't want it to end!"

"Very engaging - the boys described your stories as awesome!"

From Sophie's audience  comments book.