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Feb 13

Feb 12

Settle Storytelling Festival: The
festival organisers have been
running a series of interviews for
the festival blog asking
professional storytellers about their
work. One of these is with Sophie -
see the full interview at

"I loved the skilful way you teased "the
storyteller within" out to be released
on the Great British Public!"

"Feeling on top of the world after a day's advanced storytelling with Sophie Snell.
I am looking forward to telling my stories
at the library - I can hardly wait to
get to work!"

"I like the imagery of the "dominos" of
the story falling down as each part of
the story was told. I had a terrific day
and ended up with a new interest."

Feedback from participants of Only
Words Aloud and More Words Aloud
workshops, summer and autumn 2012.

"Absolutely fab! Thank you for such
vivid and amusing stories. Food
for the soul."

"My friends saw your show at Whittlesey
yesterday and were blown away! They
were full of praise for you!"

Straw Bear Festival, January 2013.

"I’ve attended many professional
storytellings during the past few years,
many of
them delightful and memorable.
I’ve never attended a better one
Sophie’s... Sophie’s voice
alternately entertains and mesmerises.
If you get a chance to see Seven Deadly
Sins, or any other performance by
Sophie Snell,
please do yourself a
favour and take it!"

Mark P. Henderson, reviewing Seven
Deadly Sins, Cromford Mills
performance, April 2013, for Facts &
Fiction magazine, August 2013 edition.

"We really can't tell you how much we
enjoyed your storytelling. We can't be
the first to congratulate you on your
amazing talent, but it really takes
someone very special to hold the
attention of 60 odd Morris dancers
and musicians, most of whom had drunk
far more than was good for them. We
will dine out on those pauses, when you
had every one of us in the palm of your
hand and you could have heard a pin
drop. Unheard of in Morris circles!"

Ken & Kathy Trimmer, participants
Ravenglass Folk Meet, Cumbria,
June 2013.


This is my page of news and titbits to keep you in touch with what I am up to. It is really helpful to have any comments and suggestions on the work that I do and of course I welcome any enquiries or commissions. So please email me at: or Tel 01332 840007.

September 2013

There has been so much happening this year I don't know where to start! With a secondary base now in Oxford as well as Derby, I have been travelling more and more further afield and been to some new festivals and venues where I have been made to feel very welcome.

It started with Straw Bear Festival in January - a wonderful festival of folk dance and tradition in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire (I have been asked back for next year to do some secondary school sessions). There was Ravenglass Folk Meet in Cumbria in May, a festival with more folk music and dance in the fantastic setting of the Lake District. Newark Festival, Lincolnshire in June - a huge site down by the river. And Worstead Festival in Norfolk in July - a hot, humid day with the mist clinging to the trees but such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, with a real village feel despite the large scale of the event. And there have been return visits to previous venues such as Chipping Campden Literature Festival, Cromford Mills World Heritage Centre and Crich Tramway Museum.



I have taken "Seven Deadly Sins" to the Dukebox Theatre in Brighton this year, and in November it will be on at the Brewery Theatre (part of the Tobacco Theatre) in Bristol, and then closer to home at Nottingham's Theatre Royal next February, 2014. This year I have worked on the development of three shows. Blodeuwedd, The Lady of the Flowers and other Medieaval Tales has been growing and changing (as shows often do as they get told and re-told), and you will be able to see it at Cromford Mills in Derbyshire (where I did Seven Deadly Sins last April) in April 2014, along with a new family-friendly selection of mediaval tales, "Knight, Dragons and Marvellous Maidens". Both sets now include an interweaving of songs and ballads contemporaneous with the times.

I am particularly happy with my latest piece "The Star Princess". It is rare to find a story that genuinely works well for all ages - from youngsters of 3 or 4 to teenagers and adults, and in this story I think I have found it. Based around a charming Russian folk tale merged with an English folk song, I have been trying it out in recent months and it goes down a storm each time, so will, I feel, rapidly grow into a favourite. I will be performing it in full for the first time at Tales from the Riverbank, a new Nottingham-based children's book festival on 12th October. It'll work really well for both festivals and schools as well as tourist attractions, family celebrations and the like.


Seven Deadly Sins continues to be a very popular choice of show, and for next year I am already sketching out ideas for a follow up - working title "Charnel Sins" - I have found some cracking stories already so we will see what comes of that!

As I write, I have just found out that I have been nominated for the BASE awards (British Awards for Storytelling Excellence) under the category "Outstanding Female Storyteller 2013". I feel genuinely touched that people have felt moved enough by my storytellng to complete the nomination process - I don't know who you are (as the rules don't allow me to know yet) but I would like to say how appreciative I am - every kind comment always reminds me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful job, doing what I love to do :)

Storytelling workshops for other tellers are taking up more of my time and interest this year, with repeat dates for my workshops "Only Words Aloud" (for beginners) and "More Words Aloud" (for improvers) running in the Spring and Autumn (next OWA on Oct 19th). And there is a new storytelling adventure for me - the organisation of Hill Top Tales - which runs on September 7th. It is a storytelling mini-festival, run in conjunction with Hill Top Farm, set in the beautiful wilds of rural Staffordshire. A full programme of tempting events with workshops, performances, afternoon tea (in a really lovely rustic chic barn - and the rhubarb scones were delicious - I do like to test these things thoroughly first...), camping and an evening storytelling event under the stars beneath a woodland canopy of fairy lights, and candle-lit lanterns (or in the bell tent if weather dictates). We have worked really hard at putting together what we hope will be a magical and inspiring day and evening run of events, and looking forward to it as I type, as it is only a week or so to go!

Bell tentBell tentBell tent

It is also worth mentioning that I now have a fantastic new 5 m diameter bell tent (see above), which will be on offer for storytelling event bookings. Romantic, cosy, elegant and beautiful (as well as highly practical in our variable British weather), it is huge, has a full height entrance and comes decked out with fur rugs, yet more rugs, and cushions, fairy lights and lanterns. It's first outing was at Crich Tramway Museum earlier this August. It looked stunning and was a big hit with both families and older people. Do enquire if you would like me to include it with a booking.

Finally, do sign up for my Facebook page - I am using this to post upcoming dates and workshops, photographs and news, and other interesting snippets and links related to storytelling.

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The new bell tent at Crich Tramway Museum for
Woodland Week, August 2013

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